Crafter >'17

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  • Category:
    Partition wall B-pillar
  • Production:
    2017 - present
  • Depth:
    ± 22 cm
  • Window:
  • Upholstery:
    Cab side upholstered in anthracite

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Separatiewand B-stijl polyester RAL 7021 zonder ruit binnenzijde bekleed Volkswagen Crafter >17 H2.

The B-pillar bulkhead, or partition wall of ABK Kunststoffen prevents sliding or falling loads. This guarantees the safety of the driver and front passenger. The extra depth of the partition wall provides more comfort and the B-pillar can, depending on the type of car, be lined on one side or even double-sided. This will reduce the noise from the cargo area. In addition, the product meets the CE standards. Finally, the temperature in the cabin can be better regulated after separating the cab and the cargo space.

  • Volkswagen:Volkswagen
  • Crafter >'17:Crafter >'17
  • Artikelcode:VC3-0011
  • Categorie:Separatiewanden B-stijl
  • Bouwjaar:2017 - heden
  • Diepte:± 22 cm
  • Ruit:Nee
  • Bekleding:Eén zijde antraciet
  • Montage wand:Op de stijl
  • Materiaal:Polyester
  • Schuifdeur:Enkel
  • Kleur:RAL 7021
  • Gewicht:± 15 kg
  • Afmetingen ruit:1140x1035x389x4 mm
  • Montage ruit:Gekit